In Search of Bapu


It is 70 years since India’s independence; the infant nation has stepped into its vibrant youth, but poised with economic, social and political complexities. The nature of global politics too has changed drastically. In such chaotic times, when human tolerance levels are at its lowest ebb and the world is caught in a whirlpool, where would Bapu (Gandhi) stand today?

The idea of doing this series on Gandhi emerged when photographer Anuj Ambalal hypothesized a scenario in which one can adapt Gandhian ideology to examine current issues through a deeper understanding of the man and his philosophy. The objective here is to initiate a dialogue between the audience and the images.

References to Gandhi’s ideology have been encrypted into the images to explore an open-ended narrative woven with humour, sarcasm, reverence, and fiction. The titles and accompanying text offer clues, based on which, the viewer can form his own narrative and thus initiate his personal journey, In Search of Bapu.


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