Bloody Boats


Born in 1990, Akshata Naik is a Vadodara based artist, though she was raised in the city of Mumbai. She holds a undergraduate and master’s degree with two gold medals in painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Vadodara (2014) Akshata’s solo show includes her debut ‘A Piece of Peace’ by Artcore at ICCA Nottingham, UK which includes the works done during her residency at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK(2014)
Artcore invited the artist to unveil her new series of works in the show titled ‘Bloody Boats’ by Akshata Naik on 26th January 2016 on the occassion of Indian Republic Day at the Gallery, Artcore, Derby, UK. The war of land and water and the continuous migration issues leading to the devastated lives of innocent each day has moved the artist deeply which she shows in her work through various mediums. Color red very significant in the work signifies blood. Artist herself heading from a city like Mumbai which has been prey to several terrorist attacks over the years and have stood
by the strong hatred issues of the crowd over various reasons. She also reconnects herself with this crowd in Mumbai and then migrating to a city like Vadodara which is much silent and
A room full of paper boats relates to how fragile a life can get. With this work she strongly puts forward the Syrian migrant issues and the loads of ships getting drowned. The sensitivity and
insensitivity both play contradictory role at the utmost in the series ‘The Bloody Boat’ In this series, the digital prints and installation of work is an extension to her previous show A Piece of Peace which was held at the ICCA, Nottingham, UK by Artcore (2014) representing a series of work that displayed the images from Paris attack and digital collage of the attack on a school in Peshawar, Pakistan. These works were done while she was travelling at the same time that the attack took place in Paris and Peshawar for her residency in UK which deeply moved her as a traveler and a temporary migrant to a new place.


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