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Artcore operates as a cultural hub in Derby, fueling active engagement for various communities in the East Midlands, working to enhance lives by sharing knowledge and skills through art and helping them understand the benefits of art. Artcore’s long-term objective is to promote serious art and develop as a vibrant centre for visual arts within East Midlands. We are committed to bringing quality art activities into the lives of people of all ages, abilities and ethnic backgrounds. Our focus has been on providing contemporary, innovative and quality services in four core areas: Art in Modern Culture, Art in Health & Well-being, Art in Education & Learning, Art in the Community. Their vision is to serve and lead the diverse communities in the UK by cultivating, promoting, sustaining and supporting through quality arts. To initiate a dialogue with the community through the medium of art along with engaging, impacting and ensuring that everyone has access to the transformative ¬†power of arts.



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